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The Ultimate Digital Tools You Need to Teach Your Class Remotely

Education Global Connectivity Graphic Concept
Using the right tools when teaching remotely is very important in order to deliver the lesson effectively.

The wake of the COVID – 19 has made many countries shut down to prevent its widespread. And, the shutdown of countries has made schools close as well. Teachers and students alike are forced to shift into digital learning in order to continue education even at the confines of their homes. 

This is a smart move, but truth be told, not all teachers are ready (and prepared) with the sudden transition. So we have created a comprehensive list of digital tools that teachers need to teach remotely. 

The tools listed below are just some of the many tools available today. You may use our directory to find the digital tools, resources, apps, and platforms you need.

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Digital Tools: Storytelling


zShot is a free video editing tool that you can use to create teaching videos and presentations. With this app, creating a video to bring your lessons to life only takes minutes. It has powerful features that you can use to come up with stunning video presentations with music, text, images, and videoclips. 


Creaza offers two different tools for teachers – Cartoonist and Mindomo. Cartoonist allows you to create cartoons or professional digital stories. These professional digital stories may consist of characters, professional backgrounds, images, texts, and props. 

On the other side, Mindomo is used to create mind maps which can be turned into a presentation. 


Storybird is an application that is perfect for teachers who have creative writing subjects. You can use it to write a story about your subject and share it with your students afterward. Storybird is a good way to improve writing and reading efficiency.

Digital Tools: Reading

Children’s Storybooks

Children’s Storybooks is an online platform that you can use as a source of stories that your learners can read. It has stories for almost all levels including preschool, young children, teens, and young adults. Basically, it offers a vast library of illustrated books for you and your learners. 

Poetry Idea Engine

Poetry Idea Engine is a good source of poetic ideas. It offers a wide range of poems and stories that you can use in your online class. You can also use it to write or create your own poetry or story that you can share with your learners. 

Raz Kids

Raz Kids is an online learning platform equipped with over 400+ interactive, leveled eBooks spanning 29 levels. A new eBook is added to the platform every month. It also has eQuizzes test comprehension and online running records that allow you to assess your learners. 

Classroom Management & Organization Digital Tools


Grade Hound is an online teaching tool that helps you manage your classes, track your grades, and organize your assignments. This planner app allows you to track the progression or your grades and add classes, assignments, notes, events, and so much more. You can set the instruction into a repeat schedule, per-assignment bases, or per-event. It also allows weekly based or block-based scheduling. 


Trello is an online management tool where you can assign tasks to your students. It allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to help you organize your class. You can also let your students know the things that they need to prioritize.

Teacher Kit

Teacher Kit is an online classroom management tool that can help you in doing routine tasks such as checking attendance and recording grades. You can also use it to give behavior notes to students and create student-level reporting.

Digital Tools: Parent-Teacher Communication

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a rewarding point system app wherein students can earn one Dojo point for every positive conduct. This app develops a positive culture in the class by allowing learners to showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. It also allows you to share the achievements of your learners with their parents in real-time. 


Remind is an online platform that can be used to send quick and simple messages to other teachers, parents or students. This makes communication fast and easy between you and your learner most especially when there are urgent tasks that need to be completed. It also encourages your learners to complete their tasks by reminding them of it before the deadline. 


Bloomz allows you to communicate with the parents of your learners easily. This allows you to remind their parents of every event that involves their child. It also asks the parents to help and join in volunteer activities when needed. 

Assessment & Quizzes Tools


VocabTest is a platform meant to enhance the vocabulary of your learners. It allows you to create your personal vocabulary quizzes and send it to your students after. 


Zzish is a digital tool that you can use to plug online assessment tools. It allows you to get instant insights from your classroom. It also shows which learner needs your help the most and which of the instructional tools you have used has best worked for your learner. 


Synap is a platform where you can create your own quizzes or access quizzes of other teachers. This is a time-saving platform that you can use to measure the learning of your learners in a given period. 

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Digital Tool: Teaching Props & Worksheets


Pinterest is a go-to for teachers because it offers a lot creating props and games which you can use to make your classroom more interactive. It almost has anything from crafts, to games, lectures, and all. This can be considered as a one-stop-shop for teachers because of the wide range of topics that it has to offer. 

Teacher Planet

Teacher Planet offers a complete guide to free online worksheets for K-12 teachers and educators. It contains things like free worksheets, printables, units, theme pages, crosswords, puzzles, workbooks, awards, certificates, diplomas and the like. 


TeachersPayTeachers is a platform where you can buy or sell original educational materials. You can get lesson plans from here while supporting other teachers. The teachers who make lesson plans here are from all over the world so you can have a glimpse of how different teachers attack a certain lesson. 

Online Learning Games


Zoolingo is an app that you can use for your learners to learn while having fun through games. The app is available in over 16 languages and is available on both Android and iOS. It comes with hundreds of games and activities which can spark interaction in your classes. 


Duolingo is a language learning app where your learners can have fun and learn at the same time. The app has Android, iOS and Windows versions. It allows you to track the progress of your learner and give feedback when needed. 


Quizziz is an application that allows your learner to see their accuracy when playing live through the leaderboard. It comes with thousands of games available in the library which you can use for free or you can also create your own if you want. 

Put these digital tools into the test, and let us know which one has impressed you!

Online teaching is challenging but with the right tools you can surely make it through, although it goes without saying that it takes determination and patience to learn how these tools work. But that doesn’t really matter because learning the ins and outs of the different online teaching tools will actually benefit you in the long run.

We hope this guide helped you in selecting the right digital tool for your online teaching needs. Let us know what you chose and share your experience with other teachers by joining our community forum. It’s 100% FREE and is open for all teachers, parents, instructors, and professionals. Use the button below to sign up:

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