Top 10 3rd Grade Apps to Download Right Now

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Being in the 3rd grade is one of the most critical parts of your child’s educational journey. Their transition from 2nd to 3rd grade is a big leap, which means that they need all the support they can get from you. 

From practicing basic learning skills, they are now moving to more complex ones. They are now becoming savvier readers, better writers, and critical thinkers. 

At this stage, they also begin to be more curious about things. They tend to dig deeper into the topics and analyze more what they learn. 

As a parent, how will you feed their curiosity? How will you make sure that they are getting enough answers to their questions? How will you aid what they are learning from school if you are very busy as well? 

Luckily, there are a plethora of 3rd grade apps that you can download today. With these apps, your child can learn more. They can enhance their existing skills as well. 

Here are the top 10 3rd grade apps that you can download today. 

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Best 3rd Grade Apps

1. Zoolingo

Operating System: Android and iOS


If you’re tired of apps with mediocre content, we recommend you check out Zoolingo first. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of educational apps today. Zoolingo has great quality and quantity, with more than 1000 educational activities for your kids. With a good range like that, you can expect that this app will be a good supplementary learning tool for third graders.

Zoolingo can help your kids enhance their speaking and reading skills with ease. On the app, you and your kids can bond and enjoy the nursery rhymes, number games, puzzles, animals, alphabets, shapes, vocabulary, and coloring pages. Your kids will learn new words as they bop their heads to the lovely tunes.

Even better, this app isn’t just for English-speaking kids. Non-English speakers can use it too since the app comes in 16 different languages. Wherever you live, you and your kids can enjoy Zoolingo anytime. 

You want your kids to not just compete but also conquer an increasingly information-based world. That’s why developing their critical thinking skills at an early age is crucial. So, start with a great educational kids’ app like Zoolingo.

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2. Third Grade Learning Games

Operating System: Android and iOS


If your child gets easily bored over his lessons, he might need something to excite him to learn. Third Grade Learning Games could be the best option for you in this case. 

This app uses games to make learning more fun for children. It comes with 15 fun educational games that can help your child develop his math, grammar, spelling, multiplication, language, science, and problem-solving skills. 

If you think that Third Grade Learning Games is just an app, then you are definitely wrong. 

Third Grade Learning Games is one of the best 3rd-grade apps widely used by teachers all over the world. They use this app to reinforce language, math, and STEM lessons into their students. 

Moreover, the games and lessons in this app are aligned to the third grade curriculum. This ensures that your child is getting the right education that will boost his performance in the classroom.

3. iTooch 3rd Grade App

Operating System: Android and iOS


So far, the iTooch 3rd Grade is one of the best 3rd grade apps with the most comprehensive educational tools. With over 4,500 exercises, your child will surely never run out of options!

Whether you are looking for an app that can help your child with Math, Language Arts, or Science, iTooch has something in store. With it, learning these subjects is way fun and easier since it makes use of engaging and real-life problems.

The app comes with five themes. This includes Numbers and Operations, Fractions, Measuring and Estimating, Graphs and Stats, Geometry.

Aside from the exercises, it also offers around 1,550 activities for fun and interactive science learning for third graders. 

With everything it has to offer, iTooch is recognized as the app with the largest collection of educational worksheets on Google Play for elementary school by the US National Common Core Standards.

4. 3rd Grade Splash Math Games for Kids

Operating System: iOS


The 3rd Grade Splash Math Games for Kids is a comprehensive app for third graders that help them practice and master different math skills. It comes with a wide range of math lessons through games that makes learning fun and entertaining. 

The lessons in the app are aligned to the 3rd grade curriculum. The app reinforces math concepts to your child through fun and powerful games. 

It practices self-paced and adaptive learning that gives your child the freedom to choose what to learn right at the moment. Wit it, your child won’t get bored at all. 

5. Smash Your Food HD

Operating System: Android and iOS


If you are looking for the best 3rd grade apps that can help your child eat healthy while developing their division skills, the Smash Your Food HD is a good choice. The app teaches your child the right 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Prep based on their info. 

After entering those details, your child can already start playing. 

In the app, foods appear on the screen, and your child will be the one to figure out how much sugar, fat, and salt are found in each dish. 

Your child doesn’t just play. He is rewarded too for his hard work. Once he pulls the lever, the calorie-laden food will turn into goo. 

This app doesn’t just help your child learn how to divide. It also teaches them how to visualize what they eat. Aside from it, they also learn how to eat healthy foods. 

6. Rocket Math

Operating system: Android and iOS


Rocket Math is one of the best 3rd grade apps that help your child develop different math skills. What is exciting about this app is that your child earns money for each math problem that he solves. 

Your child, and even you, will definitely be amazed at how sharp are the graphics of this app. Its stunning graphics are made to be appropriate for 3rd-grade children. But older children can also use it. 

Rocket Math covers a wide range of math lessons ranging from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so much more. It comes with appealing themes to make learning more fun and exciting. 

7. TinyTap Educational Games

Operating System: iOS


Tiny Tap is a mixture of interactive books and games for children. It comes with a vast array of pre-created games and content in a variety of topics. 

What makes the app different is that it has its own “Creativity Museum” which offers a searchable collection of games and books created by teachers, parents, developers, and authors. The app gives you the freedom to choose what your child will learn since the lessons are browsable by category and age and searchable by keyword.

With it, you can search your child’s favorite author and have his latest updates on his feed. You can even download a game that your child can play whenever he wants. 

What more? You can create your own game too, to exactly address what your child needs. 

8. ScratchJr

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web


ScratchJr is one of the best 3rd grade apps that help children develop programming skills. Programming skills are very important in today’s technology-driven world. 

With it, your child can learn how to bring to life simple and interactive scenes. Your children will find it easy to create such things with the app’s Lego-like, snap together commands. 

It also has a very appealing interface that your kids will surely love and enjoy. Its design looks like toys and art supplies carefully arranged on a desk that every kid will definitely love. 

What is even better about the app is that controlling it is just one swipe and drag away. In just a few slides and drags, your child can already create a masterpiece he can call his own. 

9. Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web


Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos is a digital library and e-reader website and app with over 35,000 children’s books that your kids can enjoy. The app is helpful for third graders to help them love reading. 

They can use this app, like how they use a library. It contains some of the most famous books, including The Magic School Bus, National Geographic Kids, or A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The app even has a built-in Merriam-Webster dictionary that your kids can use whenever he encounters an unfamiliar word while reading or watching a video. To use it, your child can simply tap on the word, and the definition will automatically show up.

10. Plum’s Photo Hunt

Operating System: iOS


Plum’s Photo Hunt is an app that develops your child’s science skills and creativity. The app encourages your child to go out and explore what nature has to offer. 

Even with the limited connection that they have, your kids will learn a lot of things from the app. 

Plum’s Photo Hunt works by asking kids to complete photo-gathering missions. With it, your child gets to learn from real-life situations so, learning is more effective. 

The app even has Photobombs that your child can use to insert Plum Landing characters into their photos. 


As fragile as they are, your 3rd grade child is very eager to learn and discover. He is at a stage wherein everything around him makes him curious. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help him all the ay you can. 

Downloading an app that is appropriate to his grade-level is very helpful in feeding his mind. With these 3rd grade apps, your child will surely have fun learning even outside of the classroom. 

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