Top 10 Best Spelling Apps for Children

Spelling is an important skill that children have to learn. And in case you notice that your child’s spelling skills are failing, or you wish to make him or her the next spelling bee champion, then some help from the best spelling apps might just be what you need.

After all, the modern education system relies mostly on digital technology. The faster and earlier your kids learn to type and read, the better. And let’s not forget, an excellent spelling skill can go a long way. 

We’ve collected the best spelling apps for children with vibrant animations, engaging tools, and educational features. 

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The Best Spelling Apps for Children

Reading Eggs – Learn to Read


Reading Eggs believe that spelling shouldn’t be a chore but a fun learning activity that should excite young learners. That’s the reason why Reading Eggs use interesting and engaging spelling activities for kids. 

A multi-award-winning learning program, Reading Eggs teaches kids more than just spelling. It features interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, and more than 2,000 digital storybooks. 

There’s a variety of games to accommodate children of different ages. For example, the Reading Eggs Junior is for toddlers ages two to four. It helps toddlers develop pre-reading skills, such as phonics and alphabet, using games, videos, and read-aloud books. 

The Reading Eggs game is for children ages three to seven, introducing spelling, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension, and phonics. Children will also love the Reading EggsPress and Mathseeds.

Reading Eggs – Learn to Read is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics


Let your toddlers immerse themselves on this vibrantly animated spelling app. It is with confidence that we include ABC Spelling in our list of best spelling apps because it features a bunch of wonderful games, and the quality is far from being subpar. 

ABC Spelling is an easy and colorful educational game that helps kids learn the alphabet, sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. The game features three games in one: Spelling, Fill In Blank, and Blank Spelling. 

The Spelling game works by showing toddlers a picture on the screen with letters outlined just above it. They have to match the letters at the top by selecting from the tiles below, placing them in the proper order to spell out words. 

As for parents, you can check the report cards in the game to see the progress your child has made. 

ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


spelling app for kids

Forming words and identifying words in letters is one of the most challenging things for little tots, but Zoolingo makes it easy and simple for smaller children to form words well.

Spelling basic words in all aspects of our lives, this games provides a smooth and toddler-friendly environment for your young one to start learning their words early.

From spelling to reading, this app does offer a multitude of other fun learning games all designed to target the entire learning process for toddlers as young as 2 years old.

What are you waiting for? Give your child a head start by downloading the app!

Get it on Google Play

Spelling Monster


Monsters and spelling shouldn’t be scary, at least that’s what Spelling Monster is all about. It is among the best spelling apps that allow kids to practice their spelling skills with fun and interactive mini-games. 

You can create and edit the spelling list for a more tailored learning experience for your kids. Plus, you can also modify the difficulty settings, enable or disable upper and lowercase letters, and sync and share spelling lists with other parents.

The game is crafted to keep kids engaged in spelling. It features HD graphics, sounds, interactive gameplay, fun monsters, and multiple mini-games to hold children’s attention longer. 

The app will also show reports of how often it is used, your kid’s spelling word list, the number of times the list has been played, the length of time it was played, and more. 

Spelling Monster is available on the Apple App Store, Amazon Store, and Google Play Store. 

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Spelling Teacher


Explore the vast universe and the amazing world of spelling with Spelling Teacher. Pop the Penguin gang will help toddlers study their weekly spelling words no matter where they are. 

The Spelling Teacher, Julia, is your child’s private spelling teacher who interacts with him or her while playing exciting learning games. Teacher Julia also reads words and sentences aloud during spelling practice. 

The game has five fun spelling activities (one for each day of the school week), which helps kids ace their weekly words list. 

Spelling Teacher is available on the Apple App Store for only $1.99.



What could be better than a combination of doodling and spelling? DoodleSpell helps children build spelling confidence. The game is crafted for kids ages five to eleven and features work programs tailored to their individual level, weaknesses, and strengths. 

The game uses Proxima™, a technology exclusive only to the maker of the game. Proxima™ intelligently analyzes the player’s learning level and designs a unique learning program for each player. 

The reward system is also outstanding. DoodleSpell rewards the players for their effort, not ability. With that, children feel a sense of accomplishment for their hard work. 

Another great feature of this game is that children can still access it even without an internet connection. 

DoodleSpell is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Spelling Shed


The lists of the best spelling apps always include Spelling Shed, and there’s a reason for that. Spelling Shed boasts a spectrum of amazing features that can lead your child to become the next spelling champion. 

Spelling Shed is a spelling app designed by a team of teachers. And that being said, it gives us confidence that the game uses effective teaching strategies that stoke children’s interest in spelling. 

Everyone can play the game, yes, even the dyslexics. The game uses the OpenDyslexic font as standard. 

Adults can create custom word lists for any purpose, and the game difficulty increases as the players progress through the game. In every successful game, kids receive honeypots with points that they can use to buy avatar upgrades. 

Spelling Shed is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for only $2.99.

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Spelling Bus


This game is for children who want to improve and practice their spelling skills. Spelling Bus is pretty straightforward: a picture will appear on the screen, then kids will listen to the word, and then type the letters to spell the picture. 

We can’t stress this enough, but Spelling Bus is truly one of the best spelling apps in the market. It has beautiful and vibrant visuals, clear sounds, and interactive gameplay to keep kids engaged. 

Apart from that, it is stuffed with 50 of the most common sight words. It’s a free and engaging spelling app that many parents and teachers love. 

Spelling Bus is available on the Apple App Store.

Spelling Hero Game


Let your child build a solid word foundation at their fingertips with Spelling Hero Game. 

This is a great spelling tool that can help children widen their word bank and ace any spelling contest. Spelling Hero Game has over 1,000 words sorted by difficulty level, pronounces words, and provides definitions. 

Spelling Hero Game is a free-to-download spelling app and is available on the Amazon Store. 

SpellNow Year 1


If you notice that your child needs to improve his spelling skills, then SpellNow Year 1 is the best spelling app you can rely on. It is a well thought out app that hits all the necessary skills needed to help young learners learn how to spell. 

The graphics are colorful, and the spelling activities are fun, educational, and insanely creative. Best of all, this game is crafted to boost children’s confidence in spelling. 

SpellNow Year 1 is written by experienced teachers. That being said, you can be confident that the game’s spelling activities provide young learners with the essential building blocks of spelling. 

This fantastic spelling app covers a broad range of skills, from CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant), rhyming words (cat, bat, hat, rat), to word ending patterns (-nd, -ng, -nt, -mp). 

SpellNow Year 1 is available on the Apple App Store for only $4.49. 

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Squeebles Spelling Test


Squeebles Spelling Test is the best place for kids to improve their spelling skills and gain confidence. This spelling app is aimed at children ages five to eleven. It has over 150 pre-recorded tests (based on the UK national curriculum) and over 1,800 words. 

Even dyslexics will enjoy this spelling app because it has the option of Open Dyslexic font. There are also accented characters, allowing you to set up spelling tests for German, French, Italian, or Spanish words. 

You can print your child’s previous test and answers and customize the words list to give your child a much-personalized experience. 

Squeebles Spelling Test is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for only $3.99.


Spelling shouldn’t be a chore when you have access to these intelligently crafted spelling apps. These apps offer fun learning activities and spelling tools that can make your child the next spelling champion. Go ahead and give these best spelling apps a try, and let us know what you think about them. 

Related Questions

How can I help my kid with spelling words?

The spelling apps above can help kids improve their spelling, but they can only get so far. Help them to master sight words, word families, and memorize common spelling rules. 

What causes spelling problems?

Many believe that the root of spelling problems is poor visual memory. But science begs to differ. Children who struggle to remember words or spelling words should take a spelling diagnostic test to identify which word and syllable patterns they don’t understand or remember. 

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