Top apps to help you create substitute teaching worksheets

Looking for apps that can make your life easier when making substitute teaching worksheets? Check out this article!


Being a substitute teacher is not easy. Imagine yourself entering an unfamiliar classroom full of students you never met before, terrifying, right? 

As a substitute teacher, it is your responsibility to deliver nothing but the best to your students. And that includes the worksheets you will be giving to them. But how? Where do you start when you don’t even know them and you are not familiar with the learning environment as well?

To help you succeed in being a substitute teacher, we have created a list of the best apps that you can use to create substitute teaching worksheets with ease. 

Keep on reading and find out!

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Substitute Teaching Worksheets Apps

1. Canva


Canva is an intuitive photo editor that can be helpful when creating substitute teaching worksheets. The app is primarily based around templates, but you can create your layout as well. 

Canva can be a lifesaver for you in case you need high-quality images into your worksheets. What is even better about the app is that it isn’t just a photo editor.

The app has its library of free stock images. So, you can simply grab an image in case you need one and edit it right within the app. 

Using the app is quite simple. It’s even easier than other photo editing apps out there. With its drag and drop interface, you’ll surely find it easy to create your worksheets. 

The app also comes with a lot of photo editing tools, including adding text, shapes, and clip arts, crop, rotate, and so much more.

2. zShot


If you are looking for a document scanner that you can use when creating your substitute teaching worksheets, then the zShot App is one of the best choices. 

What is good about the app is that it isn’t only a document scanner. You can edit photos or make a collage using the app too. 

The zShot app is very convenient since you don’t have to use a big and bulky scanner anymore. With just your smartphone, you are one step closer to creating great substitute teaching worksheets. 

After scanning using the app, you can edit the document right away. You can crop it on based on the size that you need. The app even allows you to add text, highlight, or blur parts. 

It has everything you’ll ever need when it comes to scanning documents like letters, sample memos, and the like that you can add to your worksheets.

3. KidPid Learn Math


KidPid Learn Math is a printable worksheet maker available for free on both Android and iOS devices. The best thing about this app is that you can use it even when you are not connected to the internet.

The app has ready to print math worksheets that you can give your students as practice exercises. You can even create your worksheet based on a specific category or the complexity of questions and print it right away or save it for later use. 

When creating worksheets, you can add your school logo as well. You can customize your worksheets even more by adding your title to it. 

Once you are done creating your substitute worksheet, you can either save it on your device or print it straight from your smartphone.

4. My Worksheets


My Worksheets is a free online tool that you can use to create substitute teaching worksheets. With just two simple steps, your worksheet is all set. 

To create a worksheet using this app, the first thing that you have to do is to prepare your text. And then, format the choices just like this:



If you are looking for a straightforward app, then this app is a must-try. 

One of the best features of the app is that you can share your worksheets with others. This is possible by setting your worksheets to the public. 

But of course, you always have the option to keep it private. 

Finally, the app has a My Worksheet List option which gives you a view of every worksheet you have created. With it, accessing what you need is easier and more convenient.

5. Math2PDF

If you are searching for an app that can help you create substitute teaching worksheets for your classes, then Math2PDF shouldn’t miss your list. This app is amazing in its way. 

Math2PDF comes with appealing graphics and editing tools that you can use in creating your substitute teaching worksheets. It is also equipped with modules for different math topics including basic operations, world problems, custom questions, custom picture questions, base ten, decimals, fractions, and picture problems, which you can use in creating your worksheets. 

If you don’t want how the preset template looks like, you can always change it. In fact, the app allows you to customize the question titles and change the options. 

You can even change the background and add a logo. 

After creating your worksheet, you can either save, share, or export it in PDF format.

6. MTestM

MTestM is a substitute teaching worksheet creator that allows you to create, publish, and share your work. Creating substitute teaching worksheets using the app is very simple, and it only takes a few minutes. 

The app allows you to add different types of questions into your worksheets, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching type. It even supports case sensitive answers and questions with more than one answer. 

You can even publish the worksheet that you have created. If not, you can save it as private.

To keep your worksheets organized, you can arrange them by folders and subfolders. Your worksheets are locally saved on your device so you can locate them even without an internet connection. Simply enter a keyword, and any worksheet with that keyword will appear. 

What more?

You can even access the worksheets you have recently created or opened right away.

7. Freeology


Freeology is online software that allows you to create math worksheets, mazes, word searches, and calendars all for free. 

Using the app is very simple. There are already ready to print worksheets on various topics that you can use. 

Once you click into a worksheet, it will automatically download. And from there, you can start customizing it. 

But really, the worksheets here are already impressive that you might not want to change a thing about it. 

Furthermore, Freeology offers a wide range of topic choices in different types of questions. You can choose from graphic organizers, open-ended questions, multiple choices, matching type, and so much more. 

Its graphics are carefully thought of too. They are very clever and interesting, which will surely make your students excited.

8. My Worksheet Maker

My worksheet maker is a simple online software that you can use in making substitute teaching worksheets. 

The app has a very straightforward user interface. Once you open it, you will have to choose what type of questions do you need for your worksheet. 

All you have to do is choose one, click it, and you’re all set to customizing it. You can add a title of your worksheet in as much as there is a preset space already for your students’ information. 

This includes their name and the date. If you want to add more info, you can always do it using the Add Field option. 

There’s also a space for your instructions. If you want to change how your worksheet will sheet, you can change the font size, style, and color. You can also change the border and its color. 

Lastly, you can make your worksheet printable. You can set the worksheet that you have created into private or public too.

9. Math Goodies


Math Goodies is a substitute teaching worksheets source for various math topics for free. It allows you to create and customize mark worksheets and have them ready within a few seconds. 

What is interesting about Math Goodies is that its worksheets are interactive. It has a timer and instant coloring to make things easier for you. 

Regardless of what math topics you need, be it algebra, decimals, fractions, conversion, and so much more, Math Goodies has surely something in store for you. 

Their worksheets are self-paced too. It also aspires to pass the NCTM Standards for Teaching Mathematics, so you are assured that what you are getting is one of the best.


Worksheets are not easy to make. They should be carefully thought and planned to be effective. 

And to be a substitute teacher isn’t easy as well. You have to be prepared in order to deliver what your students need. 

That is why having the right tool to help you create your worksheets is a must. You are no superhero; you can’t do all the job. Using these substitute teaching worksheets creator will make your life so much faster and easier. So, why not give it a try?

Related Question

What makes a good worksheet?

A good worksheet is one that is carefully thought and made. Its font size, style, and color are readable. It should be fitted for the audience as well. 

In addition, the information should be divided into bite-sized chunks with illustrations, frames, and the like. It should also have headings and don’t have too many tasks. This will bore the kids. 

The language used should be easy to understand too. Lastly, lessons and activities should start from the easiest to the most complex one. 

How can I make my worksheets interesting?

You can make your worksheets interesting by including exciting activities in there. 

For example, you can add activities that will require them to move around. You can pair them up with a classmate too.

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