What would you do if you could get thousands of teachers & parents in one place AND have their undivided attention AND tell them exactly why your educational product is right for them?

Would you twiddle your thumbs, say ‘Nah’ and miss out on the opportunity?

Or would you jump at the chance to…

… demonstrate how everyone — from students to teachers — can benefit from implementing your tool, app, or resource into their daily routine…

… show results — easier class management, better grades, faster material delivery time… that save time and money for everyone involved…

… double-down on those results by rattling off a list of satisfied users whose lives and work have been transformed when they decided to use your resource…

That’s not a tough choice, right?

The All Digital School can help you reach your best audience — teachers, parents, and students — and get recognition and clout that will put your educational product over the top.

  • More than 5,097 EDU & EDU-adjacent tools, apps, websites, courses listed;
  • A growing list of email subscribers (all teachers, EDU experts, or parents);
  • Tens of thousands of qualified visitors who are looking for YOUR product.

And right now, we’re offering that massive stage to… you.

Check your listing on ADS by visiting our resource directory. We bet your product is already listed there. If it’s not, create an account, and add it yourself. Then… engage with our visitors. Like our Facebook page to see how you can better understand what teachers and parents are going through during these difficult times. Answer questions in our Community Forum. Lend a helping hand. And position your product and your company as leaders in your EDU field.

Take Full Advantage of What All Digital School Has To Offer & Grow Your Exposure and Clout In a Community Packed With Your Ideal Customers

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Once you’re ADS-certified, you will get a:

  • digital certification badge that you can use on your website/marketing materials that will make you stand out in a massive sea of competitors;
  • list of detailed recommendations on how to make your product a star on ADS — real recommendations from EDU professionals, teachers, and tech developers;
  • review written by one of our contributors that we’ll post on your listing — everyone visiting your ADS page will know your product is tried and tested;
  • shoutout in our newsletter so that our growing community knows that you’ve gone through the ADS certification process – and passed with flying colors;
  • featured listing at the top of the Resource Directory (duration depending on the certification package) so that you can get more eyeballs on your product.

For more details on ADS certification packages, make sure to visit our Certification page. If you have any questions, just smush the bottom of that page, and we’ll get right back to you.

Click Here to Get Your ADS Certification Started Today

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