Top 12 Best Reminder and Planner Apps for Students

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A student’s life is hectic. Every day, you are packed with homework, projects, quizzes, and a whole lot more. With this, you barely have time for yourself, and you even miss important events. 

There are times that the load is too much that you start missing deadlines. Other times, you start to get sick over everything you have in hand.  

Don’t you just wish that you have something to keep you organized and remind you of the things you have to accomplish? 

Most probably, yes!

Good news! If you haven’t known yet, there are apps already that can remind and help you plan your tasks. With these apps, beating deadlines has never been easier.

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Best Student Planner Apps

Here are the best student planners apps that you can use:

1. Wunderlist 

Operating System: Android and iOS

Price: $5 a month


Wunderlist is one of the best student planner apps that allows you to manage your daily tasks. Whether you are looking for something to help you stay on top of your deadlines, share your lists with someone else, or plan your day to day activities, Wunderlist got you. 

The app comes with a simple user interface, making it easy for you to organize and plan your activities. Other features that the app has include Reminders, Recurring, and Subtasks.

It also has Notes, Sharing, and Notifications to ensure that you won’t miss anything. Wunderlist even automatically syncs your data across all your devices for you to access it anywhere you are. 

2. Trello

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Free, Premium Plans are available for teams


If you are looking for an organizer for individuals or teams, Trello is one of the best inline. Trello wouldn’t be one of the best student planner apps for nothing. 

The app boasts a wide range of simple features. It has a drag and drop interface, making it easy for you to move tasks from one place to another.

When it comes to flexibility, the app is one of a kind. With it, you’ll know what needs to be done and who will do it.

Everything you do on the platform is saved on the cloud and is synced automatically on all your devices. 

3. Todoist

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Free, Premium Plans Available


Todoist is one of the best student planner apps with an easy management system for tasks. Adding tasks and organizing plans are very easy, and its simplicity isn’t overwhelming at all. 

The app isn’t just for individual use. It can also be used by teams, which makes it perfect for group activities.

You can also monitor the progress of each task. It automatically syncs all updates across devices so you can check out everything regardless of where you are. 

4. Microsoft Outlook

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: $19.95 – $99.99 a year


Microsoft Outlook is an email organizer with a built-in calendar that can help you manage your tasks. Aside from it, it also has other tools that can help you communicate and stay on top of your plans. 

With a premium plan, you can access other features, including communicating with other people through chat, voice, and video within the app itself. It also has an inbox where you can keep your essential emails from all of your devices to help you focus and won’t miss important things. 

Furthermore, the app makes it possible for you to integrate it with other apps and services you subscribe to.

5. Things

Operating System: iOS and OS X

Price: $9.99 a month


When everything you have to do starts to overwhelm you, Things is the best option for you. As one of the best student planner apps, things enable you to collaborate with your classmates.

The app comes with a simple and neat user interface that makes it perfect even if you are not that tech-savvy. It provides you with a beautifully-designed canvass where you can add your tasks. 

You also get a reminder before the due date of a certain task. In addition, it also has clever tools to make planning easier and more manageable for you. 

6. TickTick

Operating System: Android, iOs, and Web

Price: $2.40 a month


TickTick isn’t as popular as the other apps on the list, but it’s definitely a must-try. The app is very simple, but it has everything you’ll ever need to plan and keep things organized.

Adding a task is fast and easy with its smart date recognition. You can organize your tasks based on due dates, lists, and tags too. 

What sets TickTick from other student planner apps is that it has a calendar view that can integrate with your Android calendar. With it, you can see everything you need, from tasks to appointments, in just one device. 

7. Google Keep

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Free


Google Keep isn’t exactly an app but is one of the best student planner apps you can use. The app allows you to create sticky notes where you can put the things you have to accomplish. 

But what is the best deal about this one is that you can add a reminder date to any of your notes to avoid missing out due dates. You can also add a checklist to it to track your progress. 

Another good feature of Google Keep is that you can access the notes on your home screen. You can even add photos and documents to the notes for accessibility. 

8. 2Do

Operating System: Android and iOS

Price: Free, Pro Version starts at $10 a month


2Do is one of the most flexible apps in the market today. The app allows you to plan and organize your tasks any way you want – lists, projects, sub-tasks, due dates, and tags. You can even create your smart list. 

It comes with a customizable widget that allows you to add your plans and tasks on your home screen. You can also add pinned notifications that let you add tasks easily. 

Syncing using this app is one of a kind. The platform offers you multiple syncing platforms, including iCloud, Dropbox, Yahoo Calendar, Fruux, Toodledo, or any CalDAV server.

9. Habitica

Operating system: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Free, Premium Plan at $5 a month available


Habitica is one of the best student planner apps that makes it easy to accomplish tasks through games. With it, you can add your habits, daily tasks, and to-dos to a list. Every time you accomplish a task, your character levels up. 

The app even has an in-app virtual currency that you can use to buy costumes and profile backgrounds. Aside from the games that it offers, you can also join virtual parties and fight monsters. 

Tracking and adding tasks are very simple. A notification is sent to you before the due date. If you want to track your tasks, you can check it through the widgets. 

10. Simpletask

Operating system: Android

Price: Free

Simpletask is one of the best student planner apps with the simplest user interface ever. Unlike other apps, it makes use of the old fashioned .txt file in organizing your tasks. 

To sum it all, every line in the document is equivalent to a single task. Within each line, you can add +projects, @locations, and due dates. You can also set a priority level by beginning a line with a capital letter in brackets.

Furthermore, the app is equipped with an advanced filtering system that allows you to organize your tasks the way you like it. Its customizable widget makes it possible to access your tasks on the home screen of your device. 

11. Evernote

Operating System: Android, iOS, Web

Price: Free, Premium Plans Available


Evernote is an amazing app where you can keep your thoughts and organize your tasks. The app allows you to sync your notes and checklists on multiple devices. This means that you can work on your tasks on one device and switch it into your other devices anytime, anywhere. 

Evernote is flexible enough that you can take notes in a variety of formats. This includes text, photos, audio, web clippings, and video. You can even attach PDFs or any of the Microsoft documents you own. 

It also allows you to set reminders, plan events, and share your ideas with others. 

12. My Study Life

Operating System: Android and iOS

Price: Free


My Study Life is considered as one of the best student planner apps because of the myriad of tools and features that it has. With the app, you can add your class list, assignments, test dates, and to-do list items. 

It allows you to store everything you need in school on the cloud so that you can access it anytime you need it. This works like your personal assistant since it can contain anything to keep you on top of your class and schedule. 

With it, you won’t surely miss a thing. 


Using a student planner app is very helpful to beat deadlines. It also keeps you away from cramming, and you become more productive. True enough, technology is a two-sided coin, but when used properly, it can make lives easier and more convenient. 

Related Questions

Why should you use a student planner app?

You should use a student planner app to help you organize all your tasks and school works. These apps can also be a big help for you not to miss out on deadlines. 

What is the best student planner app? 

All the apps mentioned above are good, but personally speaking, the best so far is Trello. This is because the app is very simple to use. It doesn’t just remind you of deadlines, but it gives you an overview of everything you need to do. Practically, the app is “limitless.”

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