8 Best Sight Word Apps for Your Children

Did you know? Kids as young as four years old can improve their reading and writing skills with the help of the best sight word apps and flashcards. 

Teaching your kids about sight words can be tricky, especially if you have not trained for early education. The good news is that there are many best sight word apps to help your kids learn how to read faster.

But first, what are sight words? 

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What Exactly Are Sight Words?

Sight words are words that do not follow the rules of spelling and are not phonetically plausible. Another term being thrown in with sight words is high-frequency words.

Kids start learning phonetics in nursery and preschool. They learn how to sound out words, put all those sounds together, and then say the whole word. This enables children to read, then soon, write. 

But what about words that are not phonetically plausible, such as was or the? Children cannot sound them out, so they need to learn them by sight (hence, sight words). 

For example, kids can sound out the word make /m/ā/kā/ē/, but when the word make shows up in a reading, it will take them a very long time to read if they need to sound out the word make every time they see it. 

There are lots of games and activities you can do with your child to teach them sight words. You can use flashcards, read books, or introduce them to the best sight word apps.

Below we listed the most popular and best sight word apps for kids.

The 8 Best Sight Word Apps for Kids

Sight words aren’t easy to learn for kids. However, sight word apps make learning sight words fun and addictive. 

The best sight word apps out there use different techniques to make learning easy and engaging. Some apps have cleverly incorporated animated characters, vivid and colorful graphics, and clear instructions. 

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Pocket Sight Words

(Android, iPhone, & iPad)

Pocket Sight Words is one of the teacher-approved sight word apps for kids. It is a well-designed app that packs a handful of extremely positive features that can benefit your child. 

The app was carefully designed by using the power of flashcards and technology. Pocket Sight Words is an excellent learning tool for children attending Early Education. 

Behind this amazing sight word app is a team of developers who teamed up with early educators to create proven methods. Most kids are excellent visual learners; that’s why this app has playful illustrations and colorful design. 

Pocket Sight Words is loaded with 220 words with audio assistance using correct pronunciation, reward system, clean and simple interface, and short sentences for extra contextual learning.

Download: Pocket Sight Words is free to download and offers in-app purchases.


Teach Your Monster to Read

(Android, iPhone, iPad, & Web)

There’s a lot about Teach Your Monster to Read app that makes it one of the best sight word apps in the market. One, the game is stuffed with adorable monsters, and, two, it’s a groundbreaking game that makes learning to read extra, extra fun — to name a few. 

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning app: BAFTA-nominee, 2012 Primary Teacher Awards Gold winner, BETT Awards 2013 Finalist, and DfE-approved. 

This sight word app takes kids on a magical journey, meeting playful characters along the way, and collecting amazing rewards. The trick is that when kids are engaged, they are more motivated to learn. 

While the mobile version of the app is paid, kids can still enjoy playing this game using the computer version, which is 100% free.

Download: The Teach Your Monster to Read mobile app costs $2.99 to download. It is available on Android and iOS devices. You can use the 100% free computer version. 


Reading Eggs

(Android, iPad, iPhone, & Web)

If you want a complete-package reading app, then Reading Eggs is the way to go. It is stuffed with amazing features designed for kids aged 2 to 13, and it covers the five essential components of reading: comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary. 

The interactive design and colorful graphics of the app make the app fun and exciting for kids. Behind this amazing and one of the best sight word apps is a team of animators, educators, and writers who came up with a spectrum of reading games, lessons, activities, and more than 2,000 digital storybooks. 

Check out the Reading Eggs Junior, which is for toddlers aged 2 to 4. 

Download: Reading Eggs is free to download and offers in-app purchases. 

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Sight Words Adventures

(iPhone & iPad)

Learning sight words has never been so easy, thanks to Sight Words Adventures. The game has ten fun, timeless mini-games, as well as 320 sight words spread across five levels. 

One of the prime features of this best sight word app is its real-time dashboard so parents can track the progress their kid has been doing. 

Sight Words Adventures is a totally safe and secure place for kids. It has no ads, external links, social media access, in-app purchases, and even personal information requests. 

Kids start at level 1, which consists of words corresponding to the pre-K level. Then, as your child makes progress, he/she will go up to level 5, which has words corresponding to third-grade level. 

Download: Sight Words Adventure is available for iOS devices only and costs $2.99 to download the game. 

Sight Word Superhero

(Android, iPad, & iPhone)

Kids who already have a grasp of reading will love this app. Sight Word Superhero is among the best sight word apps in the world. It can help your kid learn sight words in a fun and interactive way. 

The game goes around “fighting” the witch and her monsters who have stolen the words from all the books. The superhero — a.k.a. your child — must listen to the voice they hear and read out the words that they need to “free.” 

Sight Word Superhero aims to help young children who have a reasonable ability in reading but still in the process of learning how to read faster. 

Beginner readers (i.e., toddlers and preschoolers) are encouraged to use Sight Word Superhero to learn how to read words by sight and improve reading skills. 

This sight word app does not have in-app purchases and advertising, which should tell you that this is a child-friendly app. By using this amazing sight word app, you can help your child improve his reading skills, comprehension, and cognitive development. 

Download: Sight Word Superhero costs $3.99 to download. 


Sight Words Sentence Builder

Sight Words Sentence Builder is a proven learning tool for children. It is one of the best sight word apps that trains kids to quickly recognize all Dolch sight words and build sentences from them. 

Kids can play the game over and over again until they memorize all the sight words. Each level of this app has simple and common phrases that are constructed using sight words. 

As kids hear each phrase, they must arrange the words in the correct order to go through the next level. Simply put, this app encourages children to learn sight words by doing, rather than just viewing. 

Fast reading and comprehension are a vital life skill. Help your kid read more efficiently by using Sight Words Sentence Builder. 

Download: Sight Words Sentence builder costs $7.99 to download on iOS devices. The Android version is free to download but contains ads and offers in-app purchases. 


Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards

(Android, iPad, & iPhone)

Prepare your child for reading success in school with the help of the Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards app. This game is packed with over 220 sight words from the Dolch list. 

It is loaded with six engaging and educational games and 314 flashcards that can boost your kid’s reading skills.

The six games are Word Machine, Spelling, BINGO, Memory Game, Gears, and Flashcards.

Download: Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards is free to download in App Store, Play Store, and Amazon. 

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Sight Words by Little Speller

(iPhone & iPad)

Watch your little ones learn new words and improve their reading skills using Sight Words by Little Speller. There are several reasons why this is one of the best sight word apps in the world. 

This parent- and teacher-approved sight app that is incredibly fun, extremely educational, and ridiculously affordable. Unlike other sight word apps, this game lets you add your own voice so your toddler can learn everything in mommy’s or daddy’s voice. 

You can also add your own items, like your child’s name. This app supports multiple languages and designed not only for kids but also for special needs kiddos. 

Download: Sight Words by Little Speller costs $0.99 to download. 


The best sight words apps are guaranteed to help children enhance their reading skills and automatic recognition. And the good news is that you’ll never fall short of options when selecting one. Give these apps a spin, then let us know what works best for your kiddo. 

Related Questions

At what age should I begin teaching my kid sight words?

You may introduce sight words to your kid when he or she is about four to five years old. But this isn’t always the case. You may teach sight words earlier if your kid is receptive to the material. 

How do I teach my 4-year-old sight words?

Most children can learn a few sight words at the age of four. For example, you can introduce simple sight words such as is, it, my, no, we, see, and me. Use flashcards for repetition or any of the best sight word apps listed above. 

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