Top 6 Best Multiplication App for Kids

Technology has become an essential part of learning, including math – what then is the best multiplication app for kids?

Teaching math to children is not that easy. More so, if you are a parent who is not trained to do so. But with technology, everything has just become one step easier. 

One of the core lessons in mathematics is multiplication. Multiplication belongs to the four basic arithmetic operations, which entail multiplying numbers to get their product. 

In simpler terms, multiplication is repeated addition. 

With the different multiplication apps, teaching your kids how to multiply is no longer as hard as before. They can learn by themselves, but of course, it is still best to supervise them. 

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Six Best Multiplication App for Kids

1. Zoolingo

Best multiplication app for toddlers

Operating system: Android and iOS

Cost: Free, Premium Memberships

Age: 2 – 6

With over 1000+ learning games on the app, you have every essential early childhood learning available on Zoolingo. Getting high ratings on both Android and iOS, one of the lovable games on the app is Mathlingo Island.

Mathlingo Island features 3 stages of math learning targeted towards age groups for suitable learning. From age 2, you can help bring out the inner math genius out of every child.

The app helps every child learn at their own pace from identifying numbers, counting, basic arithmetic, and, of course, multiplication. This math island is equipped with amazing graphics both to entice and keep your child learning in every game.

The app features game levels allowing your child to learn math step by step.

Download the app on both AppStore and PlayStore for free!

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2. Prodigy

Best multiplication app resource for teachers

Operating System: Android and iOS

Cost: Free, Premium Memberships

Age: 6 – 14

Prodigy is a free, curriculum-aligned, fantasy-based math game, with over 50 million users all over the world. It covers a wide range of math topics ranging from the basic operations to fractions, ratios, and so much more. 

The app is suitable for Grade 1 to Grade 8. It is also suitable for DoK levels one to three. 

Prodigy is one of the best multiplication apps for kids since it can help children develop over 1400 math skills, including multiplication. It comes with powerful features and on-time reporting tools that teachers and parents alike can access. 

With it, you can see the progress report and usage report of your child to track how he is performing. This feature helps you figure out if your child is doing good or struggling so that you can do something to help him. 

The games and questions in the app are customizable. It even makes use of differentiated instruction and adaptive learning to accommodate the individual needs of students. With it, the trouble spots of each student are given more attention.

3. Elephant Learning Math Academy

Operating System: Android, iOS, Web

Cost: $35 a month

Age: 2 – 16 years old

The Elephant Learning Math Academy is one of the best multiplication apps that will ensure that children learn different math skills worth a year in just three months. This app is suitable for kids since they are not too much exposed to gadgets. It only requires children to use the app 30 minutes a week. 

The app covers a variety of math topics, from the most basic to higher ones. It helps children hone their different math skills and become better afterward. 

The app is an excellent supplement to the lessons that are given by children at schools. It comes with a parent’s dashboard, which accurately shows what your child is working on. 

What is good about the app is that using it starts with an evaluation for it to determine the “Elephant Age” of your child. The “Elephant Age” corresponds to the math and curriculum level appropriate for your child. 

Once the evaluation is done, your child can already access the simple yet interactive games the come with the app.

Its graphics and themes make learning even more interesting for kids. 

Children can even choose the graphics that they want to use. They can select from spaceships, animals, unicorns, trains, and so much more.

4. DoodleMaths

Operating System: Android and iOS

Cost:  $7.91/month, $73.94/year, $224.49 lifetime

Age: 4 – 14 years old

DoodleMaths is a great math app designed by teachers to adapt to a child’s needs based on his knowledge and ability. The app facilitates learning through little tasks each day. 

It comes with an Adaptive Learning Technology that tailors math content based on students’ strengths and weaknesses through an activity called “7-a-Day.”

It covers various math topics with short assessments, which helps the app determine the weak points of your child. Through it, the weakness of your child is addressed, and his knowledge is refreshed as well. 

Within the app, both parents and teachers can be linked to the account of the child to monitor how he is performing. This feature also helps you choose the activities that you think are suitable for your child. 

With it, you can give more time to the topics that your child needs to improve. 

Your child won’t have a hard time comprehending a question as well since questions are written clearly. The app doesn’t have multiple type questions but also has paired, matched, and dragged-type questions. 

When your child is stuck in a number, clues are given. A full explanation is also available in written and spoken form. 

Another option available for your child is to reach out to you or his teacher for help. 

This best multiplication app for kids is created in the U.K. but is also aligned to the U.S. Common Core Standards.

5. CK-12

Operating System: Android, iOS, and Web

Cost: Free

Age: 4 – 18 years old

CK-12 is an online educational content site sponsored by the CK-12 Foundation, a California-based nonprofit organization that aims to increase universal K-12 access to high-quality STEM content. Mainly, the app offers a collection of “Flexbooks” or free digital books for various topics, including math, science, and engineering. 

The CK-12 app isn’t just software with free textbooks. It also has other materials which your child would enjoy. This includes videos, quizzes, flashcards, and “simulations” or interactive content. 

With the app, teachers and parents can add their material too. Through this, you can personalize activities that can enhance your child’s skills in different math topics, including multiplication. 

What is good about the app is that it doesn’t require you to register. You can simply go ahead and access every little bit of info in there. 

But if you want to register, you’ll have access to additional tools and resources. Your child can also have his dashboard where he can organize the contents that he wants. 

The app is offered for free and is available in over 70 languages.

6. Khan Academy Kids

Operating System: Android, iOS, Web

Cost: Free

Age: 2 to 7 years old

Khan Academy Kids is a free educational app loaded with thousands of activities and books that offer a lifetime of learning and discovery for your child. It boasts a fantastic number of activities that are aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and Common Core State Standards.

The app also comes with powerful new tools with teachers alongside a lot of video walkthroughs about

Khan Academy Kids can help you figure out if this is the best math app for your kids. 

What is good about Khan Academy Kids is that not all its activities are online. You can print out activities as well for your child. 

The app is focused on enhancing children in different competencies, including literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills. The kids will surely enjoy, too, magical and cute characters, including narrator Kodi Bear, who guides kids through activities and stories.

Aside from these things, Khan Academy Kids comes with original, interactive activities that can make learning more engaging. Its adaptive learning path ensures that each child is given suitable activities and resources for his age. 

The app also supports independent learning. It has its own Khan Academy Kids Library that contains a vast collection of activities, books, videos, and coloring pages.


Choosing the best multiplication app for your kids isn’t as easy as it seems. To start with, the number of choices is drowning. And sure enough, as a mom, you want what is best for your child. 

There you have it! We hope that this guide has helped you figure out what you exactly need for your child to enhance his multiplication skills or math skills to be more general. 

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Related Questions

How can I help my child memorize the multiplication table?

You can help your child by practicing with him daily. Choosing the best multiplication app for him also helps. The key here is being patient with him as he learns the process. Soon enough, he’ll be able to memorize it already. 

What is an easy way to remember the times table?

An easy way to teach your child how to remember the times table is by teaching him how to skip count to the tune of a simple song. Songs can be used as a mnemonic device, which can help your child quickly memorize the numbers.